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Using Petsafe Dog Collars – What You Need To Know

Basically, the remote dog collars from PetSafe acts by delivering specific actions to call the dog’s attention, to correct misbehavior and to train him in the proper response.  In the right hands, remote dog collars can achieve what other training tools cannot.  There are four types of remote dog collars available from PetSafe.  Each performs specific functions that you should consider before purchasing a unit.


This is probably the most popular PetSafe dog collar because it is perceived as very harmless for the animal.  Basically, the collar emits a cold spray into your dog’s neck to remind him of his misbehavior.  You can control the noise and rapidity of the cold spray through the buttons on the remote control unit.  The cold spray in itself is not in any way dangerous to the dog because it is an all-natural lemon-scented spray, which is a vast improvement from other citronella-based products.  Each collar contains up to 40 sprays per refill.


You will find that the static collar is the most versatile PetSafe dog collar.  Depending on the collar, it can contain most or all of the following features:

A static pulse stimulator that delivers mild to moderate electrical shocks in varying durations.  In many instances, this is used to correct the dog’s misbehavior instead of as a way to call his attention.

An ultrasonic tone that can be used alone or in conjunction with the electric shock. This way, you can find your dog by following the tone if and when he does not come back with the static electricity.

An Internet GPS feature that allows pet owners to track their dogs via satellite technology.

However, you should be very careful with this type of dog collar as abuse, mishandling and misuse can lead to more problems than what you sought to remedy with it in the first place.


If your dog loves to bark at the most inopportune times, then the ultrasonic PetSafe dog collar is the better option.  Basically, it will deliver an ultrasonic sound similar to a dog’s whistle.  You cannot hear it, of course, but your dog definitely can and he will not like it one bit.  As such, your dog will stop barking to make the sound go away.  You must beware, however, as your dog can quickly get accustomed to the sound so try not to overuse it.


As the name implies, the vibrating dog collar vibrates once activated.  Think of it as a pager that can call your dog’s attention to your commands.  If you have a deaf dog, then a vibrating collar is the best alternative.  Take note that this type of collar is just a training tool.  Its efficacy will still depend on how well you use it to train your dog, deaf or not.

When chosen and used according to its purpose, the PetSafe dog collar is your ally in training your dog to be your great companion.