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Remote Dog Collars – How Do They Work?

You can use it to call your dog’s attention from a football field away.  You may use it to stop your dog from barking in the middle of the night.  You can use it to train your dog and to correct misbehavior.  In the right hands, a remote pet collar is a great tool for better pet-human interaction.

There are three basic steps to using a remote dog collar – the introduction of the collar, the introduction of the collar’s action to the dog, and training the dog in the appropriate response.  Take note that the action of the dog collar can be a spray of citronella, a mild to moderate shock of electricity, an ultrasonic sound, or a moderate vibration.

Introducing the Collar

This is an important part of the process since you cannot and must not progress to the second and third steps if and when you have not successfully achieved the first step.  Depending on the model, you may have to attach the unit to your dog’s regular collar or it comes with its own collar.

You must follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to fit the remote dog collar.  The general rule is that it should fit the dog’s neck in a snug manner – not too loose that the prongs do not touch the dog’s neck but not too tight either that it interferes with normal actions.

On the first day, put the collar on the dog for about 5 minutes and then take it off.  You must repeat this process several times each day.  On the second day, you can extend the length of time when the collar is on to 15-30 minute intervals. 

On the third day, you may leave it on for hourly periods until such time that your dog gets used to the collar. You should always use positive reinforcement after each successful session of the remote dog collar.  For example, you can give dog treats and hug your dog.

Introducing the Action

In this step, you have to explain the action to your dog.  You should keep your dog on a leash and, hence, close to you.  Activate the collar and then give him a treat even when he does not seem to respond to its action.  Do this action-treat activity for about ten times and then quit, with each activity lasting 5-10 minutes long.  Just leave the collar on your dog and repeat the process 2-3 times each day.  Of course, the goal is to let your dog associate the actions of the collar with you.

Train the Dog

When you have accustomed your dog to the collar, you can then proceed to train him.  It may be in the usual sit, lie down and fetch commands, even in the more complex commands necessary in dog shows. Again, always use positive reinforcement.

Soon enough, you will reap the benefits of the remote dog collar.  You and your dog will be able to have a more normal relationship that everybody in the house and neighborhood will appreciate.