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Dog Toys – Determining Which Toys Are Dangerous

Purchasing toys for your new dog is one of the most fun and rewarding experiences you will have as a dog owner. Every dog will need at least a few toys to keep himself entertained when you’re not around. This is especially helpful if you have an inside dog while you are away at work or at some other event.

Dogs love to chew and need some sort of toy on which to exert their energy so you don’t end up with a bunch of ruined furniture, carpeting, or other household items. Be sure to purchase chewing toys that are durable and can withstand your dog’s destructive tendencies.

Playtime With Your Dog

Of course, toys are not just about keeping your dog occupied while you’re away. You will want to spend some playtime with your dog every day if possible so as to provide quality exercise time (as well as bonding with your pet). Using these toys to play fetch is one example of a simple but extremely fun activity for both you and your dog.

However, you should be aware that some toys and activities can be risky for your dog. For example, a tennis ball is just fine if you want to play fetch for a while. However, you should never leave a tennis ball with your dog after you’re done playing. Some dogs have actually died by choking on a tennis ball because they compressed the ball in their mouths until it ended up in the back of the throat.

Likewise, some games or exercises can cause injuries to your dog. Many dog owners have a fun time playing Frisbee with their dogs, and this can be quite an impressive display for your friends and neighbors to admire. However, you may want to consider turning down the intensity of these activities, since flying discs can make your dogs twist and turn and land awkwardly.

Dangerous Activity

This kind of activity can, unfortunately, be hard on your dog and ultimately cause injuries on their knees and backs, believe it or not. You may want to consider throwing the disc closer to the ground so as to avoid these kinds of impressive but risky acrobatics.

What about playing tug-of-war with your favorite little pooch? Well, that seems like a lot of fun and can be very cute, especially when there’s a puppy involved. However, some trainers recommend you avoid playing this game with your dog because it can lead to aggression and a fight over dominance.

Your dog might get the idea that you are fighting to be the pack leader, and if you happen to be bored and walk away from the game (or if your dog actually wins the game through brute strength), then you may be inadvertently giving a sign of surrender and submissiveness to your dog.