How To Get Dog Hair Out Of Pool

If you are a pet parent, you know that your dog is part of the family. You also know that their shedding can be a problem, especially in the summer when you want to spend time outdoors. One place their hair can be a nuisance is in the pool.

While dog hair in the pool may not seem like a big deal, it can actually be harmful to both humans and animals. The hair can clog filters and pumps, and if ingested, it can cause gastrointestinal issues.

In this blog post, we will explore how to get dog hair out of your pool quickly and easily. We will also provide some tips on preventing dog hair from getting into your pool in the first place.

Scoop It Out

Assuming your pool is clean and you’ve determined that the dog hair is the only thing causing cloudy water, you can try one of these methods to scoop it out. If you don’t have a scooper, a pan or dust pan can help.

Use A Pool Vacuum

If you have a pool, chances are you’ve dealt with the problem of dog hair in the pool. It can be a pain to try to remove it all by hand, and it can be even harder to keep your dog out of the pool if they’re determined to go for a swim.

The good news is that there is a way to remove dog hair from your pool quickly and easily – by using a pool vacuum.

A pool vacuum is specifically designed to pick up debris from the bottom of your pool, including things like dog hair. They work by sucking up debris through a hose and into a bag or canister, which can then be emptied when full.

This makes them much more effective than trying to scoop out debris by hand.

To use a pool vacuum, simply lower the vacuum into your pool and turn it on. Start at one end of the pool and move slowly along the bottom, making sure to cover all areas. The vacuum will do all the work for you – all you need to do is guide it around!

Once you’re finished, simply lift the vacuum out of the water and empty the canister or bag into your trash can.

Using a pool vacuum is an easy and effective way to remove dog hair (or any other type of debris) from your pool. So next time Fido takes a dip, make sure you break out the vacuum afterwards!

Use A Leaf Skimmer

Another easy way to remove dog hair from your pool is to use a leaf skimmer. Leaf skimmers are designed to collect leaves, debris, and even small bugs from the surface of the water. They work great for removing dog hair as well!

Simply glide the skimmer across the surface of the water, and any hair will be caught in the basket. Be sure to empty the basket frequently so that it doesn’t get too full and start sinking.

Swimming Pool Brush

Another great way to remove dog hair from your pool is by using a swimming pool brush. Pool brushes are designed to scrub away dirt and debris from the sides and bottom of your pool. They work great for removing dog hair, too!

Simply brush any areas where you see dog hair, and it will come right off. Be sure to brush gently so you don’t damage your pool liner.

If you have a lot of dogs or if your dogs shed heavily, you may want to invest in a swimming pool vacuum. Pool vacuums are designed to suck out all debris.

Try A Lint Roller

A lint roller is an inexpensive and easy way to remove dog hair from your pool. Simply roll the lint roller over the surface of the pool, and the dog hair will adhere to the roller. You may need to go over the same area several times to remove all of the hair.

Does Dog Hair Ruin a Pool?

Does dog hair ruin a pool? It’s a common question asked by dog owners who are worried about their furry friend’s impact on their pool. The short answer is no, dog hair does not ruin a pool. In fact, it’s perfectly safe to let your dog swim in your pool with you.

There are a few reasons why dog hair doesn’t ruin a pool. First, dog hair is not chemically treated like human hair is. This means that it won’t interact with the chlorine in your pool and cause any damage. Second, dog hair is much finer than human hair, so it doesn’t clog filters as easily.


To be honest, no one wants to swim in a pool full of dog hair, so be sure to use the information above to help you get your pool clean and usable. If you and your furry friend have the pool all to yourself and don’t mind as much, well even less to worry about.