Best Pet Apps To Have On Your Smartphone

From keeping track of your pet’s medical appointments to ordering their food, there’s an app for everything these days—including our furry friends.

And as pet ownership becomes more popular (66% of households in the US own a pet, according to the 2019-2020 National Pet Owners Survey), so does the demand for apps that make our lives as pet parents easier.

To save you time (and frustration) scrolling through the App Store or Google Play, we’ve compiled a list of the best pet apps currently available. From dog walking and cat sitting services to general pet care tips and tricks, these apps have you—and your pet—covered.

The Best Pet Apps

There are so many great pet apps out there these days! Here are our top picks for the best pet apps to have on your smartphone:

1. PetFinder: This app is great for finding adoptable pets near you, as well as getting updates on animals that have been lost or found in your area.

2. Rover: Rover is a must-have for any dog owner, as it connects you with local dog walkers and sitters who can help take care of your pup when you’re busy or away.

3. Purrsonals: If you’re a cat lover, this is the app for you! Purrsonals helps connect you with other cat lovers in your area, as well as provides a forum for discussing all things feline.

4. iKibble: This app is essential for any pet owner, as it provides a database of over 7,000 pet food products, along with reviews and ratings from other users.

5. Dog Park Finder Plus: This handy app helps you locate dog parks and off-leash areas near you, so you and your pup can enjoy some time outdoors together.

6. The Humane Society’s First Aid App: This app for Dogs includes a list of emergency contacts (including poison control), as well as detailed instructions for treating common injuries and illnesses.

7. The American Kennel Club’s AKC Pet Healthcare app: This app provides detailed instructions for more than 25 common medical procedures, including CPR and first aid for choking.

The Different Types of Pet Apps

There are all sorts of pet apps available for your smartphone. Some are designed to help you take care of your pet, while others are simply meant for entertainment. Here is a look at some of the different types of pet apps that you can find:

· Pet care apps: These apps can help you keep track of your pet’s health, schedule vet appointments, and find nearby pet-friendly businesses.

· Pet training apps: These apps can provide you with tips and tricks for training your pet, as well as help you troubleshoot any behavioral issues.

· Pet food apps: These apps can help you find the best deals on pet food, as well as track your pet’s dietary needs.

· Pet games: These apps are designed purely for entertainment, and they let you play fun games with your pet or even dress them up in virtual outfits.

Is Every Doggy App Good?

There are a lot of apps out there for dogs and dog owners. But are all of them good? Not necessarily. Some apps may not be well-made, or they may not offer the features you’re looking for.

So it’s important to do your research before downloading any app for your dog.There are a few things to look for when choosing a dog app. First, make sure the app is designed specifically for dogs.

There are some apps that are made for general pet care, but these might not have all the features you’re looking for in a dog app. Second, check the reviews to see what other users think of the app. If people are complaining about bugs or crashes, it’s probably not worth your time.

Finally, make sure the app has the features you want. There are some great apps out there that track your dog’s activity, help with training, and even give you tips on how to take care of your pup. But if you don’t need those features, there’s no point in paying for them.

So take some time to do your research before downloading any old dog app. By taking a little bit of extra time up front, you can be sure you’re getting an app that’s right for you and your dog.


If you’re a pet owner, then you know how important it is to keep track of your pet’s health and well-being. Having a few good pet apps on your smartphone can help you do just that.

In this article, we’ve rounded up some of the best pet apps available so that you can find the perfect one for your needs. From tracking vet appointments to monitoring your pet’s activity levels, there’s an app out there to help with everything.

So why not give one or two of them a try? Your furry friend will thank you for it.