10 Funniest Animated Dog Gifs You Have To See To Believe

Bored? Having a bad day? Experiencing cabin fever? I know most of us are going crazy right now because of the quarantine and the effects of COVID-19 on the whole world. Let these cute and funny furry dog gifs lighten the mood and bring a smile to your face!!!


Here we go!

1. The Bowl Ride

Not sure if this cutie poochie right here is trying to free himself or just enjoying the “bowl ride”. But whatever he is doing, he’ll surely make your day!

2. The Back Scratch

Wait! What? The cat and dog are friends now? I wonder what the bossy dog did to make this cat give him a back scratch. Uhmmm…

3. The Head Massage

Uh-huh! So this is what she does when mom and dad are not around.
Dog: “I can do this all day long, you know”.

4. The Clever Dog

Oh! Blackie has a clever way of pulling his blanket and covering himself up when going to bed. Was that a trick?

5. The Conservative Puppy

Dog: “No, no, noooppe! No kiss on the lips!!!”

Sorry daddy, mommy did a good job on this one.

6. The Feety-fier

So I guess this dog hasn’t gotten over his pacifier yet. He found a “feety-fier” instead. Get it? Corny, I know 🙂

7. The Sploot

“Hey daddy, I learned something new at the gym today. 1-2-sploooottt! I bet you can’t do that huh, daddy?”

8. The Bangs

“I’m in quarantine too! Super bored off my butt! But I watched a bunch of YouTube videos and perfected my bangs. Look!!!”

9. The Bone

“What?! Are you kidding me? Why can’t I grab the darn bone?!”

10. The Lazy Dog

So mommy and the dog went walking…
After perhaps 2 minutes, lazy poochie got tired and I guess fell asleep.
Dog: “Nope! I’m not moving! ZZzzzzzz”